In addition to working as a freelance editor, my experience includes time as the managing editor of a magazine, a staff editor at a major textbook publisher and a content manager at an educational content development house. The following projects represent my capabilities.


  • Editing Web content and press releases for businesses
  • Proofreading the quarterly magazine and monthly newsletters of an educators’ association
  • Editing a computer engineering conference research paper
  • Overseeing the editorial integrity of a weekly city magazine
  • Copyediting and proofreading the member directory of a professional organization
  • Localizing promotion materials for a company representing Brazilian artists
  • Copyediting computer-training manuals


  • Overseeing the correlation of a K–6 Reading program to the academic standards of 10 states
  • Editing Grade 4 vocabulary and fluency leveled readers from manuscript through proof
  • Managing the writing and editing of a high school Civics wraparound teacher’s edition
  • Developing prototypes for teacher's edition features in a K–6 basal Reading program
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